Foundedin 2010, Fujian Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. ("Blue Hat") is a comprehensive company integrating original design of toys andgames, scientific research and development, marketing planning and e-commerceoperation. After seven years of innovation and upgrading, it was officially listed on the New OTC Market on May 16, 2016.

    Under the guidance of the brand strategy of "Entertainment Plus", Blue Hat is committed to becoming the most popular children interactive entertainment expert in Chinese families, and insists on providing children with all-round interactive entertainment productsand services, with the mission of creating happiness and dreams for children.

    As a company focusing on children's interactive entertainment, Blue Hat is driven by cutting-edge technology andcentered on innovation. With the courage of "the first person to try tomato", it is the first time to combine AR technology with children's toysfor subversive innovation. Its pioneering AR toy breaks the traditional cardmode playing method, enhances real-time interaction and breaks the industry limitation. The high and new technology that connects with market tide provides strong after effect for the full range of Blue Hat products.                     

    So far, its brand phalanx covers a numberof creative sub-brands, including Blue Hat, Playcorn, glow-bee, turbo and Qi,which have achieved good market response. Under the background of strong penetration of foreign toys and broken derivative industrial chain of domestic animation industry, Blue Hat is emerging in the form of " Mobile Game + Physical Experience", closely connected with the new consumption trend of mobile Internet, and put forward the big brand strategy of "Entertainment Plus".Based on keynote of science and technology and interactive entertainment, thebrand connotation of Blue Hat is extended in a multi-dimensional way: Itadvocates consumers' innovative ideas in the new era, enabling children to feel happy and gain growth in intelligent interactive toys; It builds the whole industrial chain of pan-entertainment gradually from multiple perspectives suchas strong IP, game development, product distribution, platform integration anduser aggregation; adhering to the forefront of science and technology, andthrough independent innovation and R&D of patented products, it has becomea leading industrial revolution in the emerging intelligent game toy field in China.