Founded in 2010, Fujian Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. ("Blue Hat") is a comprehensive company integrating original design of toys and games, scientific research and development, marketing planning and e-commerce operation. After seven years of innovation and upgrading, it was officially listed on the New OTC Market on May 16, 2016.    

    Under the premise of unwavering adherence to the traditional toy market, Blue Hat focuses on the trend and transforms to the peak of scientific and technological research and development, creating unlimited possibilities. Under the guidance of the brand strategy ofMobile Game+ Physical Experience +IP, AR technology, voice control, light sense technology,infrared, levitation induction, etc. are perfectly integrated into the product.The product further combines with mobile game, traversing the virtual and reality, and its novel mode brings brand new interactive entertainment experience to consumers. At the same time, the company advocates a new model of "teaching through lively activities", combines AR technology with education in depth, and integrates the product into situational teaching, roleplaying and man-machine interaction, so as to realize optimal transformation of knowledge cognition. Blue Hat is committed to providing consumers with a fullrange of technological interactive entertainment products and solutions, and making contribution to the cultural and creative industry.

    Blue Hat always adheres to the corebusiness philosophy of "Creativity Oriented" and is committed toreleasing people's creativity. Looking to the future, we will spare no effort to devote AR technology and expand the series of "AR+" products.Relying on innovation and avant-garde cultural and creative ideas, we will create the No.1 brand of Chinese AR technology entertainment interaction andchildren education products, open up the era of black technology AR belonging to the Blue Hat, and strive to become a technology interactive entertainment expert favored by consumers.